“A Slice of Japan” by Frank Knight – Ethos Magazine

“About 30 minutes outside of Coquille, Oregon, a small wooden marker written in kanji stands at the base of a hill. Another 15 minutes up the rough dirt road nestled amongst the trees of the rugged Oregon coastline sits the home of a modest Japanese swordsmith.”

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6 Responses to “A Slice of Japan” by Frank Knight – Ethos Magazine

  1. Robert Cook says:

    I have spoken to sensei bell on more than one occasion,about japanese type swordsmithing,and he has aways been more than happy to explain to me in detail,what I have wanted to know,he is a true teacher as well as a nice guy,I hope to finally make the trip to oregon to meet him in person,and take the fittings class.Arigato sensei.The best to you. Robert Cook

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