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Articles and Press regarding Dragonfly Forge, Tomboyama Nihonto Tanren Dojo, and other things sword related.

Swordsmithing – an ancient art

From The World Newspaper, Coos Bay, Oregon By Jo Rafferty Michael Bell started up the electric motor on a gigantic press he uses to shape the blades of Japanese swords. “Bam! Bam!” The dies clanked together on the approximately 3-foot-long … Continue reading

“Michael Bell, Dragonfly Forge” by Dennis Ellingson – Knife World

This article is also available in PDF format with photographs. I met Michael Bell on August 26, 1984 at a knife show in San Jose, California. It was a momentous meeting which I recall vividly. There were some star players … Continue reading

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Interactive Gallery Tour

Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Interactive Tour of Japanese Arms and Armor

This link to an interactive tour by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts has some very nice detailed photos, mostly of tsuba and other koshirae fittings.  We especially love nice Higo openwork iron tsuba.

Roadshow Archive – Three Japanese Swords

Someone sent us an email with this link from an episode of Antiques Roadshow on PBS. She does not seem not qualified to judge Japanese swords.  The prices also seemed very high considering the lack of information on the blades … Continue reading

Light as a Dragonfly by Kathryn Ortland and Justin Speyer.

An article and photos from 2005 by Kathryn Ortland and Justin Speyer. The article is in PDF format and was previously available online and can be read here.

Reflections of Steel, by Win Prue

It has been said the Japanese sword possesses a soul of its own–that it is an extension if not the very counterpart of the warrior’s soul itself. I believe this to be true, though I also maintain that the sword … Continue reading

Alabama Forge Council Bladesmithing Symposium, Michael Bell on Japanese Swords

An older article from Swordforum Magazine. ” This year, the Alabama Forge Council’s (AFC) annual Bladesmithing Symposium featured special guest Michael Bell – a swordsmith from Oregon and one of the premiere smiths working today, trained in the Japanese tradition … Continue reading