Blades by Dragonfly Forge

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  • Composite Cable Barong Style Knife

    Composite chevron pattern-welded Cable Filipino Barong-style Knife. Clay-less differential hardening, tempered. Silver beaded bolster with buffalo horn and Cocobolo handle, silver mosaic pin. “Mayan bloodwood” scabbard with buffalo horn mortise-and-tenon mouth (Not yet pictured). By Gabriel Bell. Available for delivery once scabbard is completed.

  • Composite Cable Yari

    An award-winning yari, Japanese-style spear, of forged-welded wire-rope (also referred to as ‘cable Damascus’) fully mounted on oak shaft with copper and iron fittings by Gabriel Bell. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] It features a nine inch long (nagasa) diamond-cross-section blade of composite forge-welded cable in chevron pattern that flows with the overall shape. The …

2 Replies to “Blades by Dragonfly Forge”

    1. Hello Jason,

      Many thanks for thinking of Dragonfly Forge for your custom sword project.

      However, at this time we are unable to accept a commission. This is due to time constraints, as we will shortly begin our school year at Tomboyama and have an already large number of commissions that must be finished.

      If you are eager to get started I would suggest you look at the work of bladesmith Michael Rader. He might be able to make what you’re looking for.

      Good luck,

      Michael Bell

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