Composite Cable Yari

A yari, Japanese-style spear, of composite forged-welded cable in herring-bone pattern by Gabriel Bell. Nine inch long (nagasa) diamond-cross-section blade.

The blade is mounted on seven foot American red oak shaft with copper ferrule and collar over upper third bound in leather and lacquered black. Ferrule and collar have terracotta rokusho patina. Copper alloy seppa.  Buffalo horn pin secures blade to shaft. Copper ring and butt-cap with heat patina in bright reddish tones. Antique wrought iron spike with “wood grain” pattern projects through butt-cap.

Black lacquered saya, scabbard, with stone-ground texture.

Signed “tombo saku” on tang.

This blade won the Oregon Knife Collectors Association (OKCA) 2016 award for Best Damascus of Show.

Order Composite Cable Yari Composite Cable Yari with scabbard @ $4,200.00

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