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  1. I have one of your fine blades that continues to impress me each time I examine it.
    I have been drawn to the tanto shown second down on the left. If you could make me one just like it, how much would it cost and how long would I need to wait for it?

  2. The tanto you are drawn to in the photo galleries is a very nice shobu-zukuri style tanto. Althought, it may not be clear in the photo, the blade is made of folded hand-made oroshigane steel. The price of the blade depends greatly on how the blade is constructed. Of course oroshigane , our traditionally made steel, is one option, the most expensive; the other options are standard cable, double-twist cable, folded cable, even composite cable construction is possible.

    The tanto online is mounted in a simple, elegant buffalo horn koshirae with a leather-wrapped handle.

  3. Dear Bells,
    Great website you have here. We simply MUST get together in the not so distant future. Congratulations to you all !!!! Sounds as though things are going well for the dojo. Keep in touch, Love, Jeff and Kim…….

  4. Is the top left blade have a blue tint to it or is that just me ? can you add color to the blades without changing the strength of the blade ?

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