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  1. I find your work beautiful and inspiring. I am an academic psychologist, but I grew up on a farm in Texas. I love working with my hands, and I needed some art in my life. I have worked at learning smithing/knifemaking and now sword making for 4 years (though the first year was just intense reading).

    Your work is inspirational. I tend to make daos with ridged cross-section, which is very simillar to nihonto, but with slightly wider blades, and slightly thinner spines. Very near the same mass and with hamon. I am working in cable for the first time because of you. I don’t have any true skill, but I love this craft, and I enjoy very much watching your videos and reading your posts. Thank you. If you are ever coming to the gathering at Ashokan, please let it be known publicly. Take Care, Kevin

    1. Dear Kevin

      Thank you for your kind comments regarding my work.

      Some years ago I examined an old dao of about 800 years old. It was forged in the manner of a Japanese sword with nice jihada and suguha hamon. The lines of the blade were enhanced by multiple grooves but there was no ridge.
      The shape was rather like nagamaki.

      The key to success in this endeavor is practice. Practice is easy because it’s so darn much fun.

      I would be happy to teach at Ashokan if they were to invite me.

      Best regards


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