Shinshinto Katana by KAGA KANESHIGE in Gunto Koshirae w/ mon


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Katana Mei (signed): kashu ju kinoshita ise no kami fujiwara kaneshige

Dated: Kaei 5th year 8th month one lucky day(1852)

Forging pattern (hada) is a tightly welded itame hada without flaws.  Hamon is based on the mimigata or “ear shaped” pattern with tobiyaki (floating balls of hardened steel.  Habuchi is nie.

Kaneshige of Kaga province worked during the later Shinshinto Period.  He was swordsmith to the Maeda daimyo.

This is a very elegant and graceful blade.  The condition of the blade is overall good, without bends or ripples on the surface.  There are some spots of light staining and oxidation, several very minor nicks and abrasions.  It will polish nicely.

The blade is mounted in a World War Two gunto or Army pattern in very good condition with handle wrap intact.  The brass guard is pierced.  There are areas of abrasion where the scabbard rubbed against the wearer.

There is a silver crest(mon) of unknown family or association applied at the end of the pommel. This usually indicated a family blade.

This a better-than-usual mounting for a WWII officers sword.

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