Award-winning Composite Cable Yari (Japanese Spear)

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An award-winning yari, Japanese-style spear, of forged-welded cable fully mounted on oak shaft with copper and iron fittings by Gabriel Bell of Dragonfly Forge. It features a nine inch long diamond-cross-section blade of composite forge-welded cable in chevron pattern that flows with the overall shape. The blade is mounted on seven foot American red oak shaft with copper ferrule and collar over the leather-bound and black-lacquered upper third. Ferrule and collar have terracotta rokusho patina. Copper alloy seppa. Buffalo horn pin secures blade to shaft. Copper ring and butt-cap with a bold red patina. Antique wrought iron spike with “wood grain” pattern projects through butt-cap. Black lacquered saya, scabbard, with stone-ground texture. Signed “tombo saku” (“Dragonfly made”) on tang.

This spear won the award for Best Damascus Blade at 2016 Oregon Knife Collectors Association (OKCA) Show.

Blade length: 9 inches
Oak Shaft Length: 7 feet

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Dimensions 102 × 4 × 4 in