2009 School Year of Dragonfly Mountain Swordsmithing School Begins

As the fruit trees around the shop blossom and the everything else on Dragonfly Mountain begins to grow at a nearly unmanageable rate, Tomboyama Nihonto Tanren Dojo once again opens its doors to students.

We already had our first, very sucessful, Basic Forging Course, and classes scheduled for our swordsmithing school are already starting to fill up, so those very interested in attending one of our courses should sign up before space runs out.

Our scheduled classes run from April to August, although we may schedule a class for the beginning of October as well, depending on interest.  During the winter, we will once again close our doors, as winter storms and other weather conditions can make travel difficult.

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  1. I’m saving to enroll and attend class at the Dojo next year. I’ll be studying the literature I was recommended until then. Best wishes to all currently enrolled students and to the incredible instructors as well.

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