The Making of a Classic Kinko Tsuba – Ford Hallam

Ford Hallam, the immensely talented and award-winning kinkoshi, is featured in this two part video, an enlightening window into his methods and technique.

The tsuba is the reproduction of a missing piece from the mid-1800’s and is an true masterpiece.

Enjoy the video!

9 Replies to “The Making of a Classic Kinko Tsuba – Ford Hallam”

  1. truly amazing had no clue how things like that are made what a craftsman would love to get some made for my self

  2. Truly amazing craftsmanship. The patience and skill exhibited left me speachless. I believe it is time to wipe the drool from my keyboard now.

  3. Hi,
    I love this video. It almost makes me want to give up woodworking and take up metal smithing instead.
    Thanks for showing us your amazing work.
    Eagan, Minnesota, USA

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