Michael Bell, Swordsmith of Dragonfly Forge

A brief video interview with Michael Bell, founder of Dragonfly Forge, has been uploaded to YouTube. He speaks regarding becoming a swordsmith, his apprenticeship, developing forged cable swords, and our swordsmithing school, Tomboyama Nihontō Tanren Dōjō.

We would like to thank Frank Knight for taking the time and effort to produce the video and allowing us to share it.  Thank you Frank!

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  1. nicely done. is this part of a larger project?

    i still have a few hours of footage from class that i’m hoping to string together in the coming year.

    1. Thanks Joe!

      While its not exactly part of a larger project, this project led to another documentary video being filmed recently, which we hope will air on Oregon Public Broadcasting, and be able to share online once finished.

      We’d love to see your footage sometime if you get a chance to piece it together.

  2. Michael, I’am looking for a reference book with blade shapes, thicknesses,etc. for traditional Japanese chef knives. I have searched the internet to no avail. Lots of pictures, but nothing technical. I was hoping you might have some ideas.
    One of these days Ford and would like to come and see your new shop.
    Thanks. Larry Smith (541) 672-8616

  3. i am 14 and i have wanted to learn the art of sword forging for about 3 years now i have always loved ancient weaponry but none more than the katana i live in oregon and my grandparents are thinking about letting me learn the art

    1. Dear Joey,

      We have already had students your age attend our swordsmithing school, Tomboyama, (with permission of course) and would love to have you take a Basic Forging Course. Our younger students have been just as successful in class at their elders.

  4. i have recently come across a folded steel sword that seems to be a very old tachi. how would you recomend i get it appraised? i am locted in tampa florida and i have not come across any reputable sorces to reasearch this sword.

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