Photos of Completed Tensho Koshirae

Dragonfly Forge recently completed and delivered a commissioned koshirae for a katana by top Japanese swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara. The photos of the project have been uploaded to our site.

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The koshirae is in the Tensho style, of which some characteristic stylistic features are: the waisted tsuka, leather tsuka-maki which is wrapped over, rather than through, the kashira, which is made of buffalo horn and is approximately the same size as the fuchi. This koshirae has a shibuichi kogai inlet into the saya. The fuchi is also shibuichi. The menuki are of “water dragons” and also matching shibuichi, wrapped in leather ito, which is lacquered in a dark brown, over black lacquered same. The saya is a bright “Momoyama Red” and black striped pattern with gold highlights. It features buffalo horn koiguchi, kojiri, kaerizuno, and kurigata, with gold-plated shitodome. The sageo is of reddish black silk.

The large tsuba is of antique wrought iron with lustrous dark brown patina that will continue to darken and even out nicely as it ages. It is of a crab (kani) silhouette, pierced and carved, and inspired by a classic Owari school design. To see a photo of the tsuba in the process of being sculpted, visit this page.

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