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    1. Dear Anthony,

      Thank you for your interest in our school and swordsmithing classes. Our Basic Forging Course is by far our most popular class.

      For more information on our Basic Forging Course, please visit our school’s website, tomboyama.com. It also has photos from our classes, and reservations can be made there with payment online via PayPal.

      Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone if you have any further questions or if something on our website is unclear.

  1. I need help finding a school like your’s where I live at ( I live in Willows, CA ) can you help me out please thank you very much

    1. Dear Toby

      Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything like Dragonfly Forge near your home. I believe we have the only school in the world that offers the kind of instruction found here.

      If you can’t attend our classes I suggest you try to find a knife maker in your area that forges hot steel and learn the basics from him. The skills are largely the same.

      Check out the American Bladesmith Society. They may have a member smith in your area who is willing to work with you.

      Good luck!

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